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Roy Ellery

I am predominately a wood turner with an interest in all wood type objects.  I use all recycled or salvaged timber, which I also carve colour and pierce. The lathe can be the starting point from which the variations to the object can commence, using air brushing texturing and thin wall piercing. This all started from the love of working with my hands.

My Story

Born in the western suburbs of Victoria in the forties, I was involved in the very early days of surfing on the south coast.  I worked in surf shops and in surf board construction. It was not until later in life that I became interested in working with wood. I built my first lathe, mainly because I have a habit of starting things and then giving it away, becoming bored with it.

But, the love has stayed and now I cannot do without it.


I have been working with wood for about 25 years now, have had success in local competitions, and the wooden “log” books that I make have been published in major American woodworking magazines. I have lived in Iluka for nearly 20 years and love the people and the place.                                                                                  

Some of my work

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