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Current Exhibitions 

Feature Artist, July 2024: 
Student works of Michelle Philip 
'Make and Mend Do' Workshop.

We are grateful to the Stronger Country Communities Fund, NSW Govt, for funding this rewarding workshop. Another opportunity for regional women to gain new skills and make new friendships.

The month of June has been a resounding success for those that took part in the workshop.


Two groups have been getting reacquainted with their sewing skills and sharing their processes and techniques at Gecko’s New Tail studio. Various items were repaired in different ways from pockets & zips to cuffs & holes in jumpers to creating something from body measurements & drafting patterns.

Some trial runs made out of cotton sheets were then dyed with indigo dye in an active vat & also shirts and pants were revived using different shibori dyeing methods.​


The participants in each group formed new friendships & rekindled old, gained confidence & connection. We will meet again to celebrate wearing our repaired clothing on the 28th of July at Iluka Emporium wearing the articles we made, mended or just Did!...  Please join us!

All Welcome.

On display at the Emporium for the month of July. 

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