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Past Exhibitions 

Feature Artist, March 2024: Michelle Gilroy

"Calling the Birds" 


Imagine a world without bird songs?

An impending mass extinction event looms, not witnessed since the age of dinosaurs. We teeter on the brink, bearing witness to the imminent devastation of our planet. The responsibility lies with us, the very species that holds the power to avert the impending catastrophe. Yet, feelings of powerlessness paralyze us, as we look to those in positions of power and influence who, in turn, engage in futile discussions. In the Anthropocene era words are washed down with fossil fuels.

This body of work encapsulates my emotional response to climate change and habitat destruction. Ornithological oil paintings on canvas form the exhibition, ranging from serene depictions of birds in nature to poignant scenes of displacement post-bushfires. The artworks convey a plea to humanity and a simultaneous condemnation. Soft expressions on the birds evoke a sense of precious vulnerability. Influenced by contemporary, expressionist, and impressionist styles, the paintings experiment with a blend of representation and abstraction, employing thicker paint and looser marks.


Created amidst a global awakening to the impacts of climate change, the artwork urges action. From discussing prevention, the dialogue has shifted to planning adaptation in the face of ecological disaster. Australia grapples with catastrophic floods, bushfires,foretelling a grim future of escalating extreme weather events. As history inevitably condemns us, the possibility of silence looms – in the sky, on the ground, and in the trees.'

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