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Past Exhibition 

April 2024: 
Student works of Annie Roberts, Margot Grant and Jacky Overington's workshops

Our exciting range of EMBRACE Art Workshops for the local community, sponsored by Stronger Country Communities Fund (SCCF) NSW Government, are continuing until August 2024.

The most recent workshops were taught by Annie Roberts, Margot Grant and Jacky Overington.

The student works from the Painting with Passion, Seascapes and Created from Earth workshops will be displayed in the Iluka Emporium for the month of April.

We will be celebrating with light refreshments and music on Saturday 20th April 2024 from 10am-12pm. Come in and join us, meet the Artists and Students themselves!

Painting with Passion workshop with Annie Roberts

"I gave this recent workshop this title as I have the belief that if the artist has a passion or special connection with the subject on which their artwork is based, then the resulting artwork will be more successful. The audience will sense this. 

Subsequently my participants began by writing a short account or description of an object, place or memory, moment in time etc then they shared and elaborated on this with other participants. 

This became the basis of the subject matter, where images and settings came from to be used to create their work.


Participants also explored using a limited selection of colours, it is amazing how many colours can be made with phthalo blue, yellow oxide and white. Some works tell a story, some a moments in time, all are referencing something special to the artist.

For you, the audience, you may read different stories or the works may remind you of moments or objects special to you. Either way hope that they have some aspect that engages with you and speaks a little."

Seascapes workshop with Margot Grant

"The workshop began with on-site sketching at The Bluff beach, Iluka. These sketches were then dissected into basic shapes to make a simple composition as a starting point. 

We then played around with mark-making in a variety of media, experimenting with shapes, textures, patterns, random marks, collage, colour harmonies, ink/acrylic washes and other painterly techniques. 

Three days of sharing ideas and the act of painting in itself, became a release of feelings and emotions, resulting in individual responses and interpretations of 'seascape'."

Creating from Earth workshop with Jacky Overington

"What a delightful group of happy potters participated in this pottery workshop.


The works created show the individual interests of the maker, from the whimsical to the realistic. Each piece of work is truly unique and reflects in some way the personality or interests of the creator.

Students have each created something special but have also gained the skills necessary to continue pottery making at home or with friends. Please come into the emporium to view the created works."

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